AC: Reminisce One S...
By xxbrennanxx
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Arno Dorian is an influential figure in the French Revolution. Because of this, he's requested halfway around the world to organize a forming brotherhood and build alliances with the Colonial assassin order. Constantine Dorian, the witty daughter of Arno Dorian and √Člise de la Serre, accompanies her father on his journey in hopes of satisfying her curiosity and exploring the world. The young assassin is quickly disappointed when she learns her father has other plans: to make her stay with some American assassins, preventing the daring girl from getting into trouble in this new land. Upon the undesired encounter of meeting her caretakers, Constantine finds herself craving adventure from her father's protection of the brotherhood. In which, she meets Connor Kenway, who might end up teaching her a thing or two.

Part One

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AC: Remin...
by xxbrennanxx