The Alpha's Tr...
By mizpanda
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Warning: Feels, Violence and sexual content Advised Age: 15 + Maisie Ashford is thankful that her older brother is becoming Alpha. She'd rather not have the responsibilities of having to care for her pack with all the duties of being Luna. She enjoys her life... She has a crush, a best friend, a loving family... what else do you need? Enter Alpha Asher ... the Alpha of her rival pack, the dominant Alpha who twists her life around. Once he sets his eyes on Maisie, he knows she belongs to him. Maisie doesn't believe in destined mates, so she wants to prove to everyone she doesn't need to be with Asher just because their wolves says so. When the Alpha hears this, he realizes it's time to play his little game called 'The Alpha's trap.'

Chapter 1

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The Alpha...
by mizpanda