In love with my bro...
By dianaxoxoxo11
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Meet sky her life is perfect. Her dad is rich she has a big house. Her mom and her are close. She's the most popular girl at her high school. All the boys wanted to date her but yet none could get her. She has a hot boyfriend who's 20 years old its her last year at her high school. Meet Matt single, hot all the girls want him. He's on the football team. He has had a crush on sky for 5 years. But one problem his best-friend is her brother. What will happen when she falls for her brothers best friend? Will things go from good to bad? Will everything turn upside down? What will her brother say? How will he react? Find out in this story where a girl fell for we brothers beat friend.

Chapter 1

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In love w...
by dianaxoxoxo11