The Rising Star - A...
By steffi209
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Eleanore Queen is the upcoming rising star for both her club and national team. Recruted by the Arsenal Academy at an age of 12, she made her debut for the senior team just a few years later at 15 together with her best friend Leah Williamson. Outstanding performances earned her her first call up for the national team right before the Olympics but was left off the roster because she was deemed to young. This time going in to the World Cup in France Jill isn't going to make the same mistake. While she tries to manage her life as a professional football player, she also has to deal with all the troubles in her day to day life that come with being a 19 year old. How will she handle the pressure with the upcoming World Cup? How will she handle the heartbreak and suffering that comes with opening up? When that one true love comes around will she be brave enough to open up again? Read the story of The Rising Star and follow along on Eleanore's journey. It won't start out as your typical love story but more as the story about her life with multiple love interests and heartbreak but eventually she will find the one she was looking for all along. I hope you all stick around long enough to find out. of there is anything you like to see or anything let me know. Little side note, It takes awhile before Alexia enters the story but don't worry she will. Enjoy! 🤞✌️

Part 1

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The Risin...
by steffi209