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When Khushi Kumari Gupta fell into his arms, Arnav Singh Raizada couldn't have guessed that soon, this girl would become essential to him. But she did. Khushi became the ray of light, the spark of hope, and the stroke of joy that Arnav had not known he was craving. There were bumps in their way, mainly created by him as he fought the baffling force of attraction that constantly propelled him towards her. Chaos erupted whenever they met, born out of sheer denial of a passion that was all-consuming. Then came a time when they had to give in. Arnav had to accept that he had fallen for this nuisance of a girl, that his very breath hung on whether or not she was close. He had loved her, and as much as denying it had been a tempting alternative, he never felt more satisfied than the day he admitted it out loud, both to himself and to her. So, when he lost her, his world shattered. Theirs had been a love story that was almost like a fairytale. A paradise that promised the most beautiful treasures. An atlantis, that Arnav held dear but in the end, one that he couldn't save from the crashing waves. Four years later, when fate pushes them together again, Arnav has to come to terms with just how much the chasm between him and Khushi has grown. He gets another chance to make them work. Another chance to earn her forgiveness and realize the wonderful dreams he once had. But rebuilding will not be so easy, for he is now uncertain about how much he deserves this second chance. ------------------------------------


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