Send A Wife To The...
By kimrokso_o
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COMPLETED MTL Author: Ling Xin Status: Completed ( 100 Chapters ) Raw Link: DESCRIPTION The Quick Wear Office recently launched a "Caring for the villain from me" activity to send love and warmth to the villain. As a courier employee of this activity, Lin Yao worked conscientiously and conscientiously. After sending it away, Lin Yao found that something was wrong. The villains were all bosses, and they couldn't match at all. It's too late for Lin Yao to realize that he has been fooled by him. Lin Yao, a courier who sent love, sent himself... The activity content includes the following↓↓↓ Send a wife to the school hunk Send a wife to the movie emperor Send a wife to the president Send a wife to the corpse emperor Send a wife to the ghost king ... Tip: Shengshi Beauty is attacked by vs villain npc data. Don't slice, wear it together, ending he -FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY, CREDITS TO AUTHOR AND PUBLISHER, NOT MY INTENTION TO STEAL -MACHINE TRANSLATED WITH A LIL BIT OF EDIT

01 - 0101

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Send A Wi...
by kimrokso_o