POSSESSIVE 2: Iuhen...
By CeCeLib
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Eight years ago, Iuhence met Mhelanie Tschauder at his mother's birthday party. She was the most stunning and ravishing woman his eyes ever laid on. In just one night, she managed to awaken emotions that only a man who had a heart could feel-apparently, he had none. Eight years later, they met again. The feeling was still there. Hindi iyon nawala kahit na ibaon pa niya iyon sa pinakamalalim na parte ng pagkatao niya. But apparently, Mhel didn't care if she made him feel strange emotions. She didn't even care when he told her that he was always housing a boner every time she was near. Wala itong pakialam sa kanya kahit pa yata masagasaan siya ng sixteen-wheeler na truck. And it irritated him. Wala pang babae na tumanggi sa kanya. Wala pa siyang nakilalang babae na walang pakialam sa kanya. Women begged to be pleasured by him. But not Mhel. She was rritatingly different and she was annoyingly beautiful. Believing that a man got to do what a man got to do in order to get the attention of the woman who captured his heart and mind ... ... he kidnaped her. CECELIB | C.C. WARNING: MATURE CONTENT | P-18 COMPLETED


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by CeCeLib