The Legend Of Korra...
By nozonozomee
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Prologue: Asami Sato was just a loyal friend. A friend who promised to never leave the avatar's side. After Korra and Mako's break up, she never felt awkwardness with her bestfriend. It actually made their friendship even stronger. The CEO and the Avatar's irrevocable closeness had been noticed by the people of Republic City. Rumors said that the two of them are in a relationship because they are frequently seen together walking in the park while holding each other's hands. Korra and Asami denied and said that they're just bestfriends. Nothing more... Until the day came when people believed in the rumors because the two girls mysteriously disappeared together with their things in Republic City. Where did Korra and Asami go? Why did their presence disappeared from the city? Is the avatar vanished again? ------------- Phew! Another Korrasami Fanfic! Hope you like it guys! Comment and Vote. ^v^

Chapter 1: Suspicious

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The Legen...
by nozonozomee