I Belong To You ( m...
By natsume1988
  • Werewolf
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  • drama
  • inspirational
  • lgbt
  • manxboy
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Louis Caine Lexus is the most eligible bachelor in town. Tall, dark and handsome. Not to mention a total genius in business making him a billionaire at the age of 25. Every women and even some men wanted to be with him. But a terrible past, makes him completely guarded and detach from everyone else except from the people on his pack. Did I mention that he is a werewolf too, not to add an Alpha? Oh well, I guess you know now. And aside from his multi-billion businesses he is also a strict and powerful Alpha, that have been raise respect and recognition from the other packs all over the world. But he just have a problem, and that's he doesn't have a mate. The question is, can he ever find his if he never search nor wanted one. Or his mate is the one who will bump into him in the most unexpected way? Can he ever accept his mate even though its far from what he's expecting, or his past demons will come back and get between them? Read to find out. Another boy's love story. Be warned.


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I Belong...
by natsume1988