Love Me Like You Do
By breathoflifeagain
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Haley was the kind of girl you could easily fall in love with. A free spirit willing to listen, no matter what. And, as fate would have it, she drinks a shot too many one night. Through the haziness of being drunk, she spots a man: James. Under the lights, he's tanned, and although she can't see his eyes, she's curious to find out what color they are. Seeing his discomfort just sitting there, she makes her way to him and they dance, have fun, the usual. At the end of the night, he's more than just a dance partner. He's in the military and is due to leave in a few months. But that doesn't stop Cupid. Then, a twisted turn of events leads to Haley getting raped, robbed of her peace of mind and certainty. With her choice ignored, her virtue stained, she thinks she's not worthy, she thinks James will leave her. He doesn't, but that doesn't mean the road won't hard.

Chapter One: James pov

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Love Me L...
by breathoflifeagain