Fairy Tail: Dragon...
By Duke_Aaron
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(Prequel to Jikan no Noroi or an AU, whatever fits) (Also I am indecisive and thus I am trying to rewrite this one in a better way.) ____________________________________________ Left behind as the sole heir to a destroyed kingdom, Rades sets out on a journey with the sole objective of slaying the dragon that ended his family in a single night. Revenge had become his only motive to survive in the war-torn continent of Ishgar. His goals get pushed back to a great extent when an encounter with a powerful entity sends him to four centuries into the future. In an unknown era with almost zero knowledge about the present, the young prince is thrown into a world of chaos and confusion, where his resolve is tested at every turn. Will he be able to push through whatever forces try to put him down or perish by the darkness that looms in the present era? Cover - @--CLOVER

1. Fall of Dragonof

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Fairy Tai...
by Duke_Aaron