The Bad Boy And The...
By -litbaby
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Bella Smith. The name doesn't sound harmful. Does it? But what if I told you that was a lie. What if I told you that Bella Smith, a smart, beautiful girl, who was practically a reigning queen in her school. Would you believe me? Bella has pranked everyone in the school (including the teachers). She does not fear anyone and no one will stop her from pranking people each day. But what happens when she comes across a charming bad boy that she has never pranked? What does she do? Does she manage to prank him? Does she resist the temptation of him? Or does she give in easily? Join Bella as she embarks on a mission to... Prank the Bad Boy. {Cover credit goes to @breezybaby} WARNING: A lot of swearing and sexual things. MAY BE TRIGGERING.


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The Bad B...
by -litbaby