A Dying wish.. (TBO...
By Andrews_Grapes
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"Ha.. I'm still the same trash who cannot even protect his family.." Cale whispers He has been in war for 20 years and now it has come to and end. His tears fell as he felt like his body is getting cold. "It has been a while since I felt this cold." - "Papa look!" "Oh my! My daughter is going to be a good knight!" "Goodmorning Mother, Father and to you Lilly" "Oh goodmorning to you as well hyung!" A smile.. He smile as he look outside the window, he once see them breath again.. He slowly disappear in thin air.. Disappearing from this world and along with their memories about him. "A wish that is worth me dying for." - "Orabuni.. Is that you..?"

Dying Wish || Ep 1

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A Dying w...
by Andrews_Grapes