The second child
By Musiclife23
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Renesmee was not the only child of Bella Cullen. She has a twin; Fawn Lucy Cullen. She gets imprinted on by one of the wolves who recently joined Jacob's pack. Bella is not happy, at all. Neither is Edward. But the Aro wants all of the Cullens, until he gets the news they have created immortal children. He wants most of the Cullens dead, but Fawn catches his eye. She has amazing powers that he wants for himself. Even though she is young, her powers are a threat to any vampire or shapeshifter. Will Aro get what he want? Or will the Cullens die trying to save her? Warnings~ This book contains; -Self harm -Child abuse -Depression ~Eating disorder Disclaimer~I don't own Twilight nor the characters nor the plot. I own some characters and certain plot factors.

Chapter 1

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The secon...
by Musiclife23