My Not So Ideal Man...
By chinitaishi
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Casey sets her own incredibly high standards for her ideal man. Only those who possessed such standards will be able to catch her heart. Casey held her hopes high when she met Skylar Davis--the almost ideal man. But what she's not prepared for was to also meet an arrogant beast named Storm West making her everyday school life miserable. It was never a problem for her. Not until she unexpectedly falls in love with him. She thought he can love her back. She thought he'll change for her like a story found in an old fairy tale book. She thought that maybe that ideal thing was not really useful as soon as you fall in love choosing a beast over an almost perfect ideal man. But what if he can't love her back and purposely hurt her till the end? Find out how Storm West and his band Yuri reaches out to his Cassandra after breaking her heart. Will Casey shares her amazing ever after with her NOT so Ideal Man? Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved.

MNSIM: Prologue

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My Not So...
by chinitaishi