Aria And Her Twin A...
By princessamber123
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Aria is an outgoing and loving girl. She loves to read and cook like her mother does. Aria is a strong minded girl and will set people straight but she is also really nice. Aria is Jacobs little sister and precious and skylars best friend. They are really close friends and share everything with eachother. Aria cannot wait until she finds her mate. However what will she do when she realises that just like precious aria also has twin alpha mates. Aiden and caden are both alpha twins. They are ruthless, cold hearted but great leaders. None off them are looking for there mate as they feel they don't have time for a mate with having to look after there pack. They don't want a mate as they feel that mates are a weakness. There beta john tries to tell them otherwise but they do not listen. It's not just there mate but they dont interact with any females. They seem to have a strong dislike to females but the question is why? What had made them think females make them weak so badly? What happens when they find there mate aria after visiting the alpha twins pack?

chapter 1-mate

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Aria And...
by princessamber123