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By sillylillygrace
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Dani Burton has been and always will be full-kook. She spends most of her days running about Kildare Island with her best friend, Sarah Cameron, and (unfortunately, not by choice) her next-door neighbor, Topper Thornton. Dani undeniably loves Sarah, but she can't really stand anything or anyone else in her life. Perhaps her hatred stems from the secrets hidden behind the veil: a perfect Kook in a perfect Kook's world. Perhaps not. Who really is to say? What Dani does know is that her dreams only ever consist of adventure, of getting away from her expectations and anxieties. She's pleased to get brief glimpses of freedom in her times at work, alongside Kiara Carrera, but that's just it. Dani only ever sees brief glimpses, never fully diving in. Even in her dreams, Dani feels inadequate. But if Dani gets the chance to fully live her way, what's the cost of being free? Will she find love and friendship, or will she be sucked out into the sea? *Trigger Warning* mentions of suicide, death, cancer, physical assault/abuse **Done for now**

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growing i...
by sillylillygrace