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I looked at her possessively before grabbing her by the nape of her neck and pulling her closer to me, our lips a breath away. "You are mine. Only mine. Understand?" I gritted out and she nodded slowly. "Good. Because I'll fucking kill any man who lays his hand on you. On what's mine." I said and crashed my lips onto hers. I kissed her roughly and possessively, I made her know who she belonged to. And if anyone said otherwise, they'd have to deal with a bullet in their head. * * * Nicholas 'Ace' King - Don of the Italian Mafia and the most feared person around. Dove Winchester - A bright college student, with a fire inside her only a few know about. When Dove bumps into the Mafia king at her favourite café, how will he react? She seems to bump into him in various places that her friends say it's fate... but is it? Will Dove grow closer to Nicholas and put his past behind them or will she question all her morals to be with him? Will Nicholas learn to love or will he be dragged down with his bloody past? Keep Reading to find out! #1 in Passion #1 in College #1 in Café #1 in Blue Eyes #1 in Rich #1 in Beautiful #1 in Bad Past #1 in Girl #1 in Guy #1 in Jealousy #1 in Hot Guys #2 in Italian #2 in Bad ass #3 in Dark Romance #4 in Singer #4 in Mafia #5 in Billionaire #6 in Possessive #11 in Friends & Family #11 in College Stories #12 in Love #12 in Family #32 in Romance

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