The Shaniex Shadows
By posiedon2013
  • Fantasy
  • action
  • adventure
  • agentsoftheworld
  • humor
  • monsters
  • mythology
  • newworlds
  • sci-fi
  • shadows
  • shaniex
  • superpowers
  • wattys2016


The day when everyone gets to dress up as a monster. Flash never thought on Halloween he'd be going to a popular guy's party. The only person he didn't hate was his friend, Matthew, but when suddenly three hooded figures appear with glowing guns, they knew they were in deep trouble. Not as much trouble as they thought when they are kidnapped by a shadow race of beings, Shaniex. Flash fearing these creatures was a mistake when he finds out it's them who fear him. When Flash's instincts of survival kick in, he suddenly begins to realize why he's a threat to the Shaniex race. In a foreign dimension, they aren't only fighting for their lives, but racing to save life's entire existence. Friendships will be tested, secrets will be unveiled, and the powers of an ancient race will be unleashed. Can Flash and his friends change their fate or be destroyed with the galaxy like the prophecy foretells?

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The Shani...
by posiedon2013