My Wee Mate
By softsloth
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"Are you afraid, my wee human?" "Will you hurt me?" "No, Ailsa. I swear to you I will never harm you. I'd rather die than lay a hand on you." "Then there's nothing more to discuss." ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ In 18th century Scotland, a romance blooms in a dark prison cell Laird Fraser MacLeod is no normal man. In fact, he isn't a man at all. He is a creature bound to the night that feasts on the blood of men. He's lured to the Sinclair clan under the impression there will be a truce between the two lairds, instead he's captured and tortured for being the monster he is. A vampire. What he doesn't expect is the wee slip of a lass that sneaks down to his cell for nightly visits. She talks to him, reads him books, brings food, and soothes the darkest pieces of his soul. Ailsa Sinclair has enough problems of her own. She's ailed with a disease that can not be cured, the daily attacks on her lungs are nearly too much. Little does she know that not only will the mysterious bearded man she visits get her in trouble, but that he'll change her life forever. A historical vampire romance


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My Wee Ma...
by softsloth