Five Weeks in the A...
By canadianhayes
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A Modern Quest for an Ancient Remedy.... If you enjoy a fast-paced read, Five Weeks in the Amazon is the book for you. It's an honest story filled with peaks of humor and valleys of despair. Author Sean Michael Hayes has written a book that many would put on their shelf next to Cheryl Strayed's blockbuster success, Wild. His adventure took him into the middle of the jungle alone, but Hayes unique writing style makes the reader feel as though they are right there with him. Five Weeks in the Amazon is filled with Hayes thoughtful solutions to many of the common problems we all share. Want to find out what happened to a Canadian backpacker who hiked into the Amazon jungle to live with a shaman? You can order the paperback version of "Five Weeks in the Amazon" online, just google it! Please vote, and follow to help support me and my writing:) I appreciate all the comments, and can't say enough great things about everyone who supports me. Thanks again, Sean #indie #writer #blog #travel #essay #travelogue #memory #girls #sex #drugs #love


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Five Week...
by canadianhayes