Demon Slayer : Whit...
By SuperSodaPie
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Demons. They kill humans and feed on them. Making humans their staple food. Their origin and first appearance are unknown. Their bodies carry immense strength, and their wounds mend in no time. Their mangled flesh regenerates, and their limbs can be regrown as well. Some demons have special abilities. A few can shapeshift. The only way to kill them is with sunlight or by beheading them with a special sword. However, these monsters are hunted and slain by an organization called the Demon Slayers. They number in the hundreds. An organization unrecognized by the government, yet it has existed since ancient times, and continues to hunt demons even to this day. However, their leader's identity remains shrouded in mystery. The Demon Slayers battle the demons with their mortal bodies. Since they're human, their wounds are slow to heal, and, once lost, their limbs don't grow back. Yet, they continue to fight the demons in order to protect their fellow humans. Even though these two sides fought for centuries, in the Taisho Era, there is one thing that they do share. Both sides call this individual by the same name. Neither on the side of Demons nor Slayers. The White Yaksha. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THE STORY OR THE ARTWORK.


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Demon Sla...
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