Inveigled Chaperane...
By xabish
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Dark hair, toned body, sharp eyes, and smart enough to hide his fears and his secrets. A ruthless devil, blessed with the face of an angel, JEON JUNGKOOk, the best employee of Justin Security. His past is one thing, and not even his present is close to what one can call peaceful. He's a walking hell hound on the face of Earth, the man who has little use for morals and even less use for emotions. He believes in only one rule, protect his client no matter what it takes, and right now his client is a 23 year old boy. The boy, who's an object of his dark desires, an illuminated hideout to his dark world, love to his miseries, and a prayer to his demons. Sweet, shy, and an introvert despite being the public figure, KIM TAEHYUNG is a 23 year old boy who lives under the shadow of his childhood that he don't even remember clearly. Being the son of Mayor, he was never left alone, always guarded and protect, but despite being with the army of guards, he's still alone and is haunted by monsters that are invisible to the world but are the biggest elephant in the room. But he start to find a strange solace in the arms of the devil, one of the most dangerous person he has ever encountered. He felt safe despite the cold attitude of the other and turned to him every time he saw the monster of his past. There's a love story blooming there, but will it ever get to see a happy ending? Two twisted fates coming in touch and dreaming to live a life they both once wished. Can they really get what they want or they have to fight? There are forced that keep them apart...... will love bloom? Top: Jungkook Bottom: Taehyung


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by xabish