Started With a Fire...
By GabriCella12
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{WARNING: I wrote this trainwreck when I was actually 12 and it hasn't actually been updated since 2015 because I refuse to acknowledge that I've written this story. Continue reading if you please, but I advise you to move on to a better story with a better written plot and so much more} [Highest Rate in Teen Fiction: 10] [First Book In 'SWA' Series] Meet Mia... Mia Melbridge's life was as normal as any other teenage girl's would be. She had a regular grade average in school, a best friend that stood by her side, and two strict but caring parents. All of this, was until an unplanned circumstance planted itself into the plot. Not only did both her parents end up in a vulnerable state, but she was left in custody of total strangers, known as her mom's 'Close Friends". And apparently, these knew life arrangements include Noah Denware. The baddest boy of them all. Now meet Noah... Noah Denware is the bad-ass of the school. He has the money, the looks, and the attitude that gets him everything he wants. Now that an eye-candy ends up staying at his house for a while, how will he keep his hands off of her? Especially when all of the boys have their eyes on her, as well. Remember, he gets 'EVERYTHING' he wants. Now, he's after Mia.. ((Cover made by @inevitxble)) Completed November 2015


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Started W...
by GabriCella12