24 Hours in Paris (...
By romimoondi
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What if you were stuck in an unknown city with someone you wouldn't be caught dead with in everyday life? That's exactly what happens to Mira and Jake, on the final day of their college class's trip to Europe. Less than two hours away from their flight out of Paris, an unforeseen circumstance causes Mira and Jake to miss their flight home to New York. With the next available flight a full 24 hours away, these two find themselves unwittingly stuck together. As the day goes on and their explorations in beautiful Paris ensue, they realize they might have more in common than they'd thought. But will the city known for love be enough to transform their "hateship" into something romantic? Read on to find out, as each chapter will immerse you in an hour of their "24 Hours in Paris".... [Hi! I'm Romi ,and having lived in Paris twice the last couple years, I thought it was time to spotlight the city I so adore with a twist of romance ;-) ; I hope you enjoy this full-length story, and let me know what you think in the comments!]

Chapter One

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24 Hours...
by romimoondi