The Bikers Rebel (W...
By Oblivion_Wolf
  • Romance
  • biker
  • club
  • ghost
  • hate
  • love
  • motorcycle
  • past
  • rampage
  • rebel
  • warriors


Rebel Montero was the only child of the president of the Ghost Warriors MC. That being said, she grew up in the club and lived up to her name. It also meant that she wasn't allowed to date and all the brothers were to watch out for her but stay away from her. Except for one. Rampage turned Nomad after an incident years ago. He should have listened to his president and stayed away, but he didn't and he got her hurt. When Rebel comes back from college and Rampage is in town, she does her best to stay away and hate him, but the intense need she has for him is too much. Can Rebel get past her hate for the man she loves? And can their love survive when the past catches up with them? ~Unedited~

Chapter One

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The Biker...
by Oblivion_Wolf