Spider's Game ((Boo...
By JesseSprague
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*Wattys2016 Winner* *An edited and expanded version of this is now a published book on Amazon (under kindle direct so you might be able to read it free) under the name Spider's Kiss* https://www.amazon.com/Spiders-Kiss-Book-Drambish-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B07ZQT245J/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=spider%27s+kiss+book&qid=1576257844&s=instant-video&sr=1-5-catcorr Tired of dwelling in the bowels of the galaxy's most infamous brothel, Silvia plots to escape her bonds, setting in motion the resurgence of a race of spiders thought extinct. As Silvia, the spider queen, and her mate claw and kill their way to freedom, some of their victims refuse to stay defeated. Police Chief Berrick Trehar and his family begin the spider's game without knowing the rules. But after a brush with Silvia, he learns the consequence of losing. Survival is the goal, galactic dominance the prize and failure is death. All the players must walk the line between playing to win and getting lost in the game. *Cover created by @seventhstar you should go check out her other covers on her profile :) She's amazing.

Chapter 1- Yahal Brothel

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by JesseSprague