Twice Upon Qadr - A...
By sajmra
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Houssam Shaykh is living the dream. He is a big sought after basketball star who has his pick of teams, is recognized wherever he goes, makes millions per game, and gets to play his favorite sport for a living. He is even being called the 'Muslim Michael Jordan'. But he has a void that only seems to worsen when he is around happy couples. That being said, being around his sister Yusra and her husband Amir, and his best friend Hisham and his wife Ilham is almost painful. But how can he find someone when he lives under the watchful eye of the public? Hana Ismail sees life through the lens of her camera. She loves to create memories for others to hold dear, and often wishes that she gets to experience them herself. While she loves her niece and nephews with all of her heart, it's not the same as having her own children. When she gets chosen to start a Masjid newspaper, and ends up doing a profile on none other than their very own celebrity, will she have a shot at her own happiness?

Chapter 1

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