The Trash who just...
By Andrews_Grapes
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What if? What if The original Cale Henituse, the trashy lout and the White Star met after Cale Henituse getting beaten up? What would happened if somehow the white star and Cale developed a good "friendship" and become too close to each other? - "Cale.. Son, I'm sorry but I cannot do anything about the guy who had beaten you up.." The count mumbles as he lower his head Cale frown, This so called father of his cannot do anything to the person who had beaten up his own son? Cale stand up and look at the count with a angry look "YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING TO THAT BASTARD JUST BECAUSE HE IS STRONG!?!!" Cale shouted "Cale. He can out power the whole Henituse knights!" "Ha.. Hahaha! THOSE KNIGHTS ARE AS USELESS AS YOU ARE!!" The count cannot hold it in and snap. He slap Cale.. Cale was shock at the sudden action but quickly put his stoic face up "Hahh. What a wonderful father!" Cale spoke with a fake surprised tone The count got back to his scenes and felt guilty. Cale then smile like crazy. "You not just abandoned me when I was literally 4 or 6 years old, letting me suffer and not asking if I'm okay after mother's death, ask me to accept the fact that you got married and didn't ask how I feel about it, let me grow up without a father even if you are still here and breathing, you let that guy beaten me up and not stoping him and now you also slap me. What's next? Kick me out of kill me?" Those words black out the count, It's truth because it left him speechless. Cale felt a part of him was satisfied. He have been keeping this to himself but now he can finally stand up and say it. Even if his so called father will kick him out he doesn't give a shit. He had enough! He was already broken inside.. He is already gone far.

Not a father || Ep.1

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The Trash...
by Andrews_Grapes