Soulmate {a MEROME...
By Random_Butter_Wolf
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Jerome Robert Aceti , soon to be alpha of the largest pack in the U.S. Still searching for his beloved mate. He moves to a small town in the U.S. with his Beta, Adam Dahlberg, his omega searching for that one person that can complete him for good but what he finds is something he never suspected. Will Jerome accept his mate? Or will he reject his beloved mate? Mitchell Donald Ralph Hughes, slave to the pack he once called family, parents dead and his brother the alpha along side his sister, the pack slut. There are so few he calls family, his childhood friend, Tyler(Ty) Ellis, and his friends he's meet on the way, Tyler Christie and Seto Sorce. All part of the pack, except Seto he's not a wolf he's a sorcerer, his mother was a wolf while father sorcerer. Seto's half wolf so he has a mate technically. Two different people, an alpha and a slave? Will the higher just toss away their lower rank beloved? Or will they stay and care for their beloved? Find out in Soulmate! |Highest Rating| #29- Munchinguniverse


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by Random_Butter_Wolf