180 Days (TeacherxS...
By AngieTheTurtle
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180 Days: At first, it seems like a long time. But as days go on, you wish time would slow down. You start to wonder if he's worth it, because 180 days later, you'll get your diploma, and you'll never see him again. -- I looked back at Min with a frown on my face. "Do you have something against Alaric?" I asked. Min bit the pen cap and wouldn't meet my gaze. "What is he to you?" I instantly smiled and covered my mouth, grateful he was looking down, "I'm sorry?" Min looked up at me and put the pen down on the table, "What is Alaric Sonam to you?" My heart shouted in my chest. Min got up from his desk and stalked towards me, "Answer me, Len." I stared at him with a blank face. "Because if I find out there is something going on between you two, if I find out he is your boyfriend, I will remove you both from my class." Remove us from his class, is this guy serious?! He came even closer to me and his soft hair brushed against my cheek. "There is no love in my dojang." He whispered in my ear.

Chapter 1 - How the hell do you pronounce this word?!

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180 Days...
by AngieTheTurtle