My side of the story
By letmeeatpizza
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Hot. It was very hot. I needed some air. I needed to get away from them. The noises were unbearable. I felt like my head was about to explode. I wasn't able to see straight. The light made it worst. I had to focus on breathing and walking till an exit. It seemed impossible at that moment. It seemed like I was drowning and I wasn't able to swim to the surface. As if something was holding me. There was less and less air to breath. Focus, Em. You're going to make it. Just focus. I kept telling myself I was almost out, that the exit was near, that I'd be able to breath again. But little by little, I started to stop believing my own words. Until I did it. The air hit me and it was more than welcomed. I took a long breath. It was cold but I couldn't care less. I hugged myself while the tears streamed. I took another breath. I needed to calm down and focus on breathing. Unwanted memories took place in my thoughts. It was in moments like these ; moment when everything you've ever thought of, done or said came back to you in a flash, moment when time slowed down, that you knew nothing will ever be the same.

Chapter 1

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My side o...
by letmeeatpizza