Arrows & Anchors
By ReeReverie
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Brooke Fray wasn't expecting to fall for famous guitarist Julian Miles. Are they heading towards love - or complete destruction? ***** American journalist Brooke Fray is still rebuilding her confidence and her life, six months after a nasty break-up. Lately, Brooke has known nothing but apathy. But things change when she has a chance encounter with lead guitarist Julian Miles of popular rock band 'Ascend the Stars.' Hearts flutter, sparks fly, and an intense relationship develops - one that they hope to make last a lifetime. But the couple is being brutally tested - by the thousands of miles that separate them, their own deeply-rooted insecurities, a manipulative ex-partner, and a jealous bandmate who is secretly coordinating Julian's complete destruction. Content/Trigger Warning for: drug & alcohol usage & addiction, sexual abuse & sexual content, physical abuse (including abuse to children), self harm, physical, emotional, and verbal violence, and toxic behaviors. Some scenes might be disturbing to readers. [[word count: 200,000-250,000 words]]

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Arrows &a...
by ReeReverie