The Ketchum Family
By Razor_Keyboard
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This is the story of what happens after Ash wins the Masters Tournament. All our heroes attend a celebration in honor of the new Monarch. What will happen when Ash and Serena finally reunite? Where will their paths lead next? How will their relationship change as they get older? Info: I have written this story to be very much like the anime. I try very hard to stay true to the characters and portray how I believe they would change as they grow older and gain life experience. All of my chapters are long and full of description, character development and worldbuilding. If you like fun, well thought-out stories with humor, drama, and action, you should like this work. Rating: PG-13 with moments of strong sexuality. There's no profanity or graphic sex. Any sex scenes are poetically written. Some of the romantic scenes are quite sensual, so be aware. As I said, I try to stay true to the anime and that means keeping 'dark' story elements to a relative minimum. There's plenty of intense Pokemon Action and some scary moments, but nothing that veers into gratuitous violence. As far as 'intimate' stuff goes, there are a few sex scenes but they are not gratuitous. I keep things poetic and beautiful, not smutty. That being said, at times, things will get very steamy and intense. As a general rule, if there's something edgy in a chapter I will put a small warning at the beginning. I'm not here to shock anyone. Additionally, as far as ages go, Ash and Serena's age (and any other characters of comparable age) should be considered to be 18 at the start of this story. A lot of time has passed since Ash started out on his journey and although, for now, he is a child at heart, he is actually an adult. Now that their journeys are ending and relationships are beginning, they will finally start experiencing more of what life has to offer. Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. This is a work in progress.

Introduction & Story Arcs

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The Ketch...
by Razor_Keyboard