Impure (Sasuke x re...
By Akane-cchi
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-Note as of ... many years .. but stop reading.. god forbid... it's so ... I implore for you to turn away I had so much planned but could not execute it properly..- [[Okay, so ignore the chapters up until "--fuck it, starting over--" bc those were just crap crack chapters. The real story will begin. The picture is edited by me. stOP READING MY FAILURE DON'T READ THIS.]] (Y/N) and Sasuke make a pact. A pact to help eachother throughout everything. Well, at first it was her help in killing Sasuke's brother, but their relationship escalated positively. Being together as children, insensitive (Y/N) and Sasuke grew pretty attached to eachother and when Sasuke leaves Konoha, (Y/N) succeeds in following; Sasuke trusted her. With Orochimaru, they go through good and bad, but Sasuke changes too much. His hatred is taking over him. (Y/N) begins to lose Sasuke. (Y/N)'s best friend since childhood is leaving her and what makes things worse is that her old teammate, Naruto, is super persistent in bringing Sasuke back but (Y/N) doesn't want to go back and doesn't want Sasuke to go, she won't let Sasuke leave her. She uses her strength and wit to keep her bestfriend, maybe boyfriend, by her side. {{STOPSTOP STOP READING THIS}}


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Impure (S...
by Akane-cchi