Saved by a mistype
By marvel_maximoff11
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Peter had a rough childhood loosing all his family, now Peter is in an orphanage that isn't so great... Ned and Mj are all Peter has and is giving up hope on life and purpose. But what if Peter Got a new phone and forgot to put Ned's number in before Patrol. What happens when Peter mistypes the last digit And ends up texting a certain avenger? (I suck at descriptions sorry) Read to find out NOT MY COVER (credit goes to Artstation) For obvious reasons I do not own Marvel and Sony(sadly) so please don't sue me!! I only own the OC characters Please read first part of story for trigger warnings and info!! I am in no way romanticizing mental health!! I struggle with bad mental health and this is my coping skill!! Highest ranks #13 in Steve Rogers #3 in Bruce banner #2 in Pietro Maximoff

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Saved by...
by marvel_maximoff11