Draw the Line
By coastal-skies
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Josie Guerrero is focused on one thing: getting accepted into the prestigious art studies program within the Art School at the University of Southern Washington. With thirteen weeks to create her sophomore portfolio, she knows she can't afford any distractions, but when an ink-coated basketball player walks into her life, even she can't deny the cosmic ties pulling them together. Micah Costa is just trying to get through his senior year at the University of Southern Washington unscathed. Although, after finding out about his estranged father's cancer diagnosis, his not-so-impressive projections in the NBA draft, and the stress of filling Tristan Beck's shoes as team captain of his three-time NCAA championship-winning basketball team, he's starting to crack under the pressure. Only, he can't drown his worries in liquor like he used to - instead, by a serendipitous twist of fate, it's a five-foot-one, ribbon-wearing art student with paint-spotted hands that begins to ease his mind.

draw the line

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Draw the...
by coastal-skies