Under the Red Hood
By _KingAzrael
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After the imprisonment of shigaraki and the L.O.V izuku believes he could focus on training his quirk to protect not only his class but his family (momma inko) and (daughter eri) During training, one day with his class at U.A izukus quirk goes out of control and he accidentally hurts his classmates after that incident his class avoids him out of fear, even his girlfriend ochako was being distant and izuku couldn't take it any more so he goes out of U.A after dropping eri off with Mr. Aizawa, for a walk and to see his mother to clear his head . . . . . however, it only takes one bad day and an unwanted resurrection to completely destroy a person's soul and mind to have one's hatred take over. . A being born out of pure darkness

Broken Ambitions

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Under the...
by _KingAzrael