He watches, she kno...
By juliannaaamp
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He's her stalker. He's not creepy or anything. He's just a guy in love and afraid to shoot his shot. He's this big scary looking guy who looks like he bulldozers people, so he never gets a chance to let people see the real side of him. They make up their mind as soon as they see him. She loves being stalked. She knows her stalkers face, because let's face it, he's not a very good stalker. She's seen him around and think he's a huge cutie. But she's determined for him to make the first move. So as her teases get more Methodical, he'll have a harder time staying away. And let's be for real, if he wanted to hurt her, he couldn't even if he tried. -|- This might be a dark romance but the only thing dark about it is the fact that he stalks her Mature scenes. Don't read if your a little kid please đŸ˜­ let me not put this in your mind. This will be a short story.


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He watche...
by juliannaaamp