Crimson & Clove...
By thefanciestmoth
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Princess Marcella has always felt a call outside of the palace, outside of the normal. She enlists the help of Guts and Griffith to help her escape Wyndham and from her arranged marriage. She begins her new life with the help of the witch, Lady Paloma, who is the catalyst for her path once again entwining with the one and only Black Swordsman. This will start in the Golden Age Arc and quickly move past the Eclipse and into the Lost Children chapters. My goal is to continue this fic as Berserk continues. This is a Berserk fanfiction. If you've read Berserk, you can probably guess the content that this work contains. Please read at your own discretion and take care of your needs first. Rest in Peace Kentaro Miura. Thank you for such heartbreaking characters and an inspiring story. It's helped me through some dark times. **cover art by Miura**design by me**

1. The Man With the Greatsword

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by thefanciestmoth