Loved You Anyway [Z...
By KatrinaB98
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Hazel Anderson was brought up to become a strong, independent woman and to not let anyone drag her down and change her into someone that she is not. She was told her family history as a story before she slept when she was younger. Zayn Malik was brought up to be a strong and independent man. He was taught to always be himself and not let anyone use him but does whatever felt right in his eyes. His family history was never mentioned and he didn't want to hear it either way. When Hazel, together with her parents, moves to Bradford Hazel's nightmares come to life. Being neighbours with one of the Malik families was never in her plans but it was in her parents. Trying to ignore the Malik's son, her parents enrol her in the same school he goes. Hazel meets the rest of the lads, together with the school's popular girl a.k.a Head Cheerleader, double a.k.a the school's biggest bitch: Sophia Gilbert. She may look like an angel but she sure as hell isn't on the inside. She'd do anything to have Zayn for herself but with Hazel getting his attention, she plans on destroying her even if she loses Zayn without realising. While Zayn tries to get Hazel's attention and show her that not all Malik's are the same, he has to deal with Sophia getting furious over the new girl. But in the end time will take its toll, families are destroyed, friends are lost and your first love leaves and even though they may be gone, they will never be forgotten. They say, first loves never last. Will this love last or is it all a dream? © KatrinaB98

1: Cheers To A New Miserable Life

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Loved You...
by KatrinaB98