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By Ai_Kiminatozaki
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Kim Dahyun, your ordinary, normal and average student who only wish to finish studying, graduate, find a job and have a decent life. Many people are fond of her because of how friendly she is. She thinks her life is boring, considering how repeated her daily routine is. Though, she really doesn't mind. On the other hand, a popular girl named Minatozaki Sana is the opposite. High ranked, part of the student council, and a part of a wealthy family. She's loved by many as if she was a celebrity. Some call her "Ms. Perfect", and they were right but wrong at the same time. She might be perfect for other people's eyes but she's actually hiding a big secret and one of them is underneath her skirt... literally. What if these two polar opposite students met each other at the most unexpected time? Will it change their lives? For the better or for the worse? Read to find out! Highest rankings: #1 in sanaxdahyun #1 in dahyunxsana


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by Ai_Kiminatozaki