paint me like one o...
By c2suave
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Paris Du Pont was the queen of her school. Turns heads when she walks, she was the type of person people practically worshiped. Anything she ever wanted was merely just a swipe away. With rich parents and a face of an angel, nothing was ever out of arms reach. Mayson Amore was the complete opposite. She blended into the crowd, except when she couldn't, never spoke unless spoken to, and always had her head in music sheets or books. With non existent parents, money was always an issue. With strict parents and failing classes, Paris needs to quickly get her grades up before her parents notice, while Mayson needs a muse for her fast-approaching deadline for an art project. Can they help one another before it's too late? this is basically like a modern version of titanic so enjoy!!

character aesthetics

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paint me...
by c2suave