By kainatazharr
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A family of five becomes a family of four. Laughter dissolves and turns into grief. Relationships are shattered and weakened beyond repair. Hayat Amanullah is the most pampered child in her household. Coming from a family where her mom is a housewife, her dad works at a prestigious IT company, and she has two older brothers, Hayat has never been neglected of anything. She has no sense of responsibility, no worry in the world, and strong support systems for her to fall back on at all times. Abruptly, tragedy strikes the happy family with such force that they're left reeling, trying to cope with the enormous loss they're facing. Hayat's life turns upside down, and suddenly she goes from the happy-go-lucky, carefree teenager to the woman taking care of her entire household. Struggling to recalibrate and feeling more alone than ever, Hayat falls into destructive methods of healing. Which, despite the damage they inflict on her, might just be the glue that brings her family back together. And along the way she learns that, despite experiencing the same tragedy, a family can handle grief in so many different ways. ~ #6 in startingfresh: 8/13/22

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by kainatazharr