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By TheAmazingGracie
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12.2020 edit: Wow! It's wild to be logging into Wattpad again but hi-- I'm Amalia (Grace is a childhood nickname) and I'm not 13 anymore! Having a Wattpad account and fandom really helped grow my love of writing, which is why I'm still writing fic in uni. I'm available on ao3 @warptimeandspace, where I am still, somehow, writing PJO fic. As a blanket rule, you can crosspost this to and Instagram as long as you credit this account. I'm also on tumblr @ warptimeandspace and sometimes I take requests :) This story is staying up as is, very flawed but also loved for its imperfections. Hi, This is my story to help me cope with waiting until October for the House of Hades. The war is over and the heroes are getting a bit if slack from the fates to be able to be a more normal. Percy and Annabeth have some big twists and turns ahead of them, and when you're a demigod nothing is straightforward. Follow them through the twists and turns of life in my story. The cover belongs to the fabulous Burdge-Bug, the plot and my OCs to me, and the canon Characters to Rick Riordan. (Previously Percabeth Drabbles)

Chapter 1: Iris Messages and Sea Otters

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by TheAmazingGracie