Light A Way
By Inconvenient_Ideal
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Being a performer in some backwater travelling show is a life of hardship, pain and unhappiness. Not liking the fact that her powers caused her heartbreak in the past, and set her on course to further displeasure, Elsie is naturally sceptical when two strangers come to her asking for aid. Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr have a task to do, create their own mutant army to stop the one which Sebastian Shaw has already amassed. Only the ideals of such a thing are not as easy to set into motion as they first thought. Throw in disruptive teens, clashing powers, signs of affection and reluctance from some, there might be a small slim chance for success. The ideals and thoughts of what happens after is something which dwells on all who are involved minds. Only peace and quiet can only last so long until it is ripped away. Imprisonment, prison breaks, new comrades and new mutant threats come to light, and the small slim chance for success shines through again.


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Light A W...
by Inconvenient_Ideal