Tales of Fire and R...
By EdenY_
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An aspiring knight unwittingly saves the dragon he was sworn to kill. But can he also win the dragon's heart and stop his kingdom from burning to ashes? *** It is tradition for knights to prove their worth by slaying a dragon in the Serpentine Mountains. For Laurence Montbow, an aspiring knight from a decrepit noble house, it's his only chance to save his family from losing their land, and to secure a good marriage. After a dragon hunt gone wrong, however, Laurence finds a naked elven man with amnesia instead. Knowing the guileless elf wouldn't survive on his own, especially when trapped in his enemy's land, Laurence reluctantly takes the man along and tries to help him regain his memories. This act of goodwill turns complicated as the elven man keeps worming himself further into Laurence's heart until it becomes hard to fight the attraction. But the elven man is not what he appears to be... and neither are the dragons from mount Serpentine.

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Tales of...
by EdenY_