Out Of Hours
By Pric3e3
  • Romance
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  • cheating
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  • office
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  • romance
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  • secret
  • slowburn
  • teen
  • verbalsmut
  • work
  • youngadult


Allister is brand new to the world of work; fresh out of high school. His boss is nothing like he expects and very quickly his learning that his office job isn't going to be as boring, mundane and straight forward as he thought it would. Unfold with him the new pleasures and experiences he learns whilst also being by his side with all his lows that come with them. **"You're pissing me off!" I shout. "Yeah? You're fucking pissing me off! Don't kick my car Allister or I will leave you here." He threats. "Leave me here. I don't care anymore. All you've done from the moment we met is annoy me. You think you're better than me." I shout at him. "I am better than you!" He yells. I huff undoing my seatbelt throwing it over my shoulder making it clash onto his door as I then swing it open and throw myself out him following coming around the car to me. "What are you doing?" He asks angry at me. "Going home!" I scream. "I'm not playing. Get in my fucking car Allister or else-" His madder than I've heard anyone be. I cut him off turning away a good enough distance from him to not feel intimidated. "Or else you'll bend me over your desk and do nothing again? Fuck you." I grin. He quickly starts pacing towards me as I stand my ground trying to not show that his bothering me but honestly I'm slightly scared of him right now. After all I don't know this guy... not really. "My car. Now." He spits as he gets in front of me. I hold still acting confident. "You will have to make me." I smirk. "I will throw you over my shoulder and make a huge scene. Act your age and walk to my car, sit in it we will talk like adults and work something out."** If you enjoyed 'This isn't what friends do' then give this a try. New completed story. Disclaimer! Everybody in the story is of legal age here where set in the UK

1. First day as the intern

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Out Of Ho...
by Pric3e3