Bad Boy Loves Me
By lynzsims
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He turned around and looked at me. "Cold?" "Uh.. yeah," I said. He took off his black leather jacket and handed it to me. "Here." I shook my head. "No, it's okay. Your car isn't that far." He frowned and put his jacket around me. "Just take it." I looked at him. "Thanks.. Dylan." *20 year old Marina Throns is the sweet, nice, innocent girl. Her parents are Aiden and Charlotte (from Falling In Love With The Bad Boy). She's in college and is sharing an apartment with her best friend, Helena. 21 year old bad boy, Dylan Delaware is pretty much the heartbreaker. Ever since that little 'incident' with a girl he had love before, he doesn't believe in love anymore. He just play with girls for the deed. He's afraid of falling in love again because he doesn't want to get hurt like how he got hurt 3 years ago. But that all changes until he meets Marina. They started off with hating each other. No, more like Marina hating him because he always teases her. But will he fall in love with her? What was the little 'incident' that happened to Dylan 3 years ago? (it isn't that major, I swear..) Will she be the love of his life? Will she fall for him? The bad boy? Read to find out!* Credits are all mines. PG-13!

Chapter 1: Dylan and Marina

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Bad Boy L...
by lynzsims