His Mate's Tears
By AhbeanaWright
  • Werewolf
  • anger
  • romance
  • sadness
  • tragedy
  • werewolf


Life never goes as one would want it to something always turns it upside down. Sabella Scarlett was only 13 years old when her parents died. Who'd of thought a little girl could lead a pack? She led the Blue Lunar pack and built it back from the ground up after the attack her uncle, Marik, had instigated just to get the Alpha position from his twin brother, Drac. She executed everyone responsible for the massacre. She only had 57 pack members left from a starting packing of 230 and she had rebuilt it to twice its numbers than when her father was alive. Her cousin, Devlin Scarlett, had managed to escaped the massacre and has come back for the pack to be its Alpha. He drugged Sabella and dumped her body far into the woods on another packs territory. Little did he know he just brought two mates together. Ravic Milestone, Alpha for the Milestone pack, was over bearing and thought he needed no one but when he's finally united with his mate, he's brought to his knees. Sabella has lost her mind of EVERYTHING, even werewolves. But her pack needs her will she remember everything in time before all her hard work is demolished or will she reside in the arms of her Alpha and simply forget? Book 1 in the Scarlett Series

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His Mate'...
by AhbeanaWright